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Infant and Mobile Infants

Victoria's Castle Daycare has two infant rooms, your child will be placed in the room that is most fitting for their needs. In one room are non-mobile infants and in the other are children who are learning how to make their way around their worlds. Infants will be able to explore the world around them safely while under the watchful eye of caring and experienced staff. Infants will be exposed to various sensory experiences while involved in early learning such as reading books and singing songs. 


In our toddler room students will be exposed to both age appropriate curriculum and age appropriate sensory and emotional experiences. In the toddler room we focus on basic learning skills as well as life skills such as self help skills like putting on shoes, and how to eat at a table! Children will flourish at their own pace in a supportive environment which will foster a love of learning and play and most importantly children will be surrounded by  caring friends and staff!


In the Preschool classroom children will  expand on what they have learned socially in other rooms and will start using those experiences as a foundation to build on and create more academic experiences. The more structured preschool environment and schedule prepares children to enter Universal Pre-k. Children will work in their own journals, and have the chance to work in small groups. Age appropriate activities will help strengthen academic subjects such as math and reading. Children will grow into well rounded individuals by learning valuable skills like teamwork. 


Students will also be given center time where they will truly learn through hands on and interactive play. Play based learning allows children to be architects, scientists, mathematicians and anything in between! Lessons are guided by student interest which helps foster ownership and satisfaction of academic endeavors. 

School Age

With school age programs, student will receive homework help and a safe environment to play, ask for help and have fun. Victoria's Castle Daycare II provides puzzles, age appropriate books, and games for all ages.