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Welcome to Victoria's Castle Daycare

Children playing outside at Victoria's Castle Daycare

Victoria's Castle Daycare, located in New Windsor, NY, was established in 2009 as an in-home daycare and over the last 14 years has grown to a large center with a small family feel. 

With a staff dedicated to the well-being and development of all children in care, you can be assured that Victoria's Castle will quickly become yours and your child's favorite place to be. 

All staff at Victoria's Castle is First Aid/ CPR certified, up to date on training and are currently pursuing additional education and training 

Erika Perez, Owner of Victoria's Castle Daycare

Meet the owner Erika Perez and Director, Jessica Marsden. Erika has worked with children for over 25 years, and Jessica has worked with children over 10 years. 

Jessica Marsden, Director of Victoria's Castle Daycare

We offer the following programs, for more information please press the links to the right

An infant program that service children from 8 weeks to 12 months old. In this on-demand room, children are supported in meeting their milestones and developing trust. 

A wabbler program which services children 12 to 18 months. In this room, children are more mobile and learning about the world around them through exploration and activities.

A toddler program for children 18 months to 3 years old. In this room, children are preparing to go into our pre-school program and they are learning routine, basic motor skills, communication skill and developing their self-help skills

A pre-school and pre-k program that supports students as they get ready to transition into the school district's UPK (if applicable). In these classrooms, students work on basic academic skills in a play and academic-based program. Students participate in centers, circle time, morning meeting, and academic time. 

A school age program that provides a safe space for students to wait for their bussing and a safe space to come to after school. This program provides snack and academic/ homework help and support. 

During the summer, students explore academics to minimize the summer slide while enjoying a camp-like setting with games and activities

Meet our Partner:
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327 Windsor Highway,
New Windsor NY

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