About Us

About Victoria's Castle Daycare 

Victoria's Castle Daycare was established in 2009 as a small in home, family daycare. Throughout the years, Victoria's Castle has grown from occupying a living room, to a basement to the center that many call their second home. 

In 2017, Victoria's Castle Daycare II opened up it's doors. Located at 3054 Route, 9W in New Windsor, we are conveniently located near major highways. We pride ourselves on providing a warm and friendly environment with the benefits of a center environment. 


Each classroom is equipped with AngelWatch technology and highly qualified and experienced teachers. Students will be exposed to different materials, centers and experiences to ensure their growth and development. Each child is met where they are socially, emotionally and academically and as a team, Victoria's Castle Daycare teachers will aid in setting goals, determining best practices and the best way to address any challenges that may arise.

Why Victoria's Castle Daycare?

The answer is easy, the Victoria's Castle Daycare (VCDC) Difference

Victoria's Castle Daycare is made up of a team of dedicated individuals with a strong commitment to learning and personal growth. From the moment of hire, employees at Victoria's Castle Daycare are asked to think about "what's next". Staff members create a plan of study and are all working towards or have obtained a Childhood Development Associate focused on a specific age group, or a Bachelor's Degree in Education. This expectation of excellence can be seen all throughout our program including in our youngest students. 


Due to our commitment to education, Victoria's Castle Daycare has been able to develop close working relationships with special education and early intervention specialists. This ensures that the needs of each child are met appropriately and in a timely manner. Our staff works closely to monitor student milestones and are able to enlist in the help of county providers as needed in order to get students any services they may need. At Victoria's Castle Daycare the staff is more than just that, they are advocates, a second family to a child and a support to families of their students. We believe that communication is key, and that we can be a vital part in the village that it takes to raise a child. 


Our programs focus on social-emotional well being, fine and gross motor development and academic growth appropriate to each age. 

What qualities do you like most about Victoria's Castle Daycare? Real parent answers below!

"I love the homey atmosphere"

"They really care about my child!"

"The staff is knowledgeable"

"There is flexibility if our schedule changes, the level of personal care for the children, they provide information in a timely manner"

"It's like a second home for my child, not just a place to learn"

"The staff and curriculum"

"They offer night care and can usually accommodate last minute call ins"