About Us

About Victoria's Castle Daycare 

Established in 2009 Victoria's Castle Daycare will quickly become your child's favorite place to be. As a new business we focused on making sure that our families and employees felt right at home. In 2014, with the continued trust and support of the entire Victoria's Castle Daycare family, we underwent a huge renovation and moved downstairs, into a space that was exclusively for the daycare. From that moment on we have been lucky enough to see our children grow and learn in what has become their daycare.

In 2017, Victoria's Castle Daycare II opened up it's door. Located at 3054 Route, 9W in New Windsor, we are conveniently located near major highways. We pride ourselves on providing a warm and friendly environment with the benefits of a center environment. 

Why Victoria's Castle?

-Victoria's Castle Daycare has partnered with AngelWatch, safety and peace of mind for you and your children 

-We are NYS licensed 

-We are open non-traditional hours and weekends 

-Your child will partake in literacy, math and science activities along with art, music and movement and gross and fine motor play

-Your child will learn through age appropriate curriculum and exploration of their five senses

What qualities do you like most about Victoria's Castle Daycare? Real parent answers below!

"I love the homey atmosphere"

"They really care about my child!"

"The staff is knowledgeable"

"There is flexibility if our schedule changes, the level of personal care for the children, they provide information in a timely manner"

"It's like a second home for my child, not just a place to learn"

"The staff and curriculum"

"They offer night care and can usually accommodate last minute call ins"

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