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Toddler Program

In our toddler program, children are fully immersed in new experiences. Toddlers range from 18 months to 30 months old.


In our toddler program children are exposed to experiences they haven't had yet. In our toddler program we support your child by:

  • Exposing them to different craft items such as different paints, pom poms, textured 

  • Playing more structured games

  • Teaching structure and routine in our daily schedule and circle time

  • Encouraging the shift from baby sign language to words

We support parents by

  • Helping develop healthy eating habits and manners

  • Assisting with potty training

  • Assessing and observing children to ensure milestones are being met

Teacher helping students at Victoria's Castle Daycare
Kids playing with toys at Victoria's Castle Daycare
Kids hugging a teacher at Victoria's Castle Daycare
Two boys at Victoria's Castle Daycare
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