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Infant Programs

Victoria's Castle Daycare proudly runs two different infant programs. One for our youngest learners through age 1 and one for our little learners who are learning to explore the world on their own two feet. 2 programs, both equally amazing and run by caring, qualified staff.

Infant 1

Our early infant program is an on-demand classroom where infants are learning to explore their world by hitting major milestones. We support your child by:

  • Nurturing them, so they learn that they are safe

  • Singing to them, so they develop rich vocabularies

  • Providing ample opportunity to explore their environment during tummy time so they develop vital muscles

  • Assessing them so that we make sure they are hitting milestones as needed. 

We support parents by:

  • Tracking diaper changes, naps and sending pictures

  • Helping with weaning off of bottles and pacifiers

  • Helping with the introduction of solids

  • Supporting with resources as needed

Infant sitting in a ball pit at Victoria's Castle Daycare
Toddler at Victoria's Castle Daycare

Infant 2

Our second infant classroom is where your child goes once they have become mobile and are ready to start exploring on their own. We support your child by:

  • Helping with the weaning from a bottle to a sippy cup

  • Encouraging and assisting in children developing their walking

  • Providing an active environment where children can develop their gross motor skills

  • Aiding in learning how to use utensils during meal times

  • Providing opportunities for children to explore with different materials

We support parents by:

  • Assessing students and supporting in the early intervention process as needed

  • Exposing children to different textures

  • Helping develop a consistent, schedule. 

Children working together at Victoria's Castle Daycare
Child eating snacks at Victoria's Castle Daycare
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